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Your car, your choice

Motorist rights are front and centre of a new initiative from the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce’s Body Repair Division.

The Chamber has launched a multi-media campaign that aims to raise motorist awareness on the importance of choice of repairer. Your car, your choice will engage motorists in Victoria and Tasmania by offering up the chance to win one year’s free comprehensive car insurance, while using the opportunity to educate entrants on the reasons they should choose who repairs their vehicle in the event of an accident.

Benefits include enabling motorists to engage a specialist repairer. “Choice of repairer is important for owners of any car, whatever the make and model, and using a specialist can give them peace of mind, knowing their car is being expertly repaired. Additionally, being able to choose a repairer close to home may save travel and a lot of time,” said Geoff Gwilym, VACC CEO.

VACC also wants to ensure motorists don’t feel like just a number. “Insurance companies are often large corporate institutions that may not view drivers or their vehicles individually. If a motorist allows their insurer to control who repairs their car, they could wait longer than necessary, and repairs may not be what they expect,” said Gwilym. “VACC wants motorists to regain control of their rights. After all, it’s your car, your choice.”

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