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Young apprentices match it with the best

Colour matching is the repair industry’s fine art and testing the skills of the next generation in a competitive environment is a key to its future success.

PPG has continued its partnership with TAFE NSW and Canberra Institute of Technology in the annual colour matching competitions that give repair industry apprentices an opportunity to hone this vital skill.

TAFE institutions have played a crucial role in developing these skills and creating the opportunities for the apprentices to test themselves against their peers in competition and industry partners like PPG have been critical in making the events  happen.

PPG NSW Training Manager Trevor Duke is one of the personnel behind the scenes who has played a leading role in providing technical and organisational support.

“Supporting these state-based TAFE colour matching competitions is something PPG has done for many years so when the request came in to run the 2023 events, we were very happy to help,” Duke says.

“Before each event we did a lot of preparation work, including choosing the colours – a solid Clear-Over-Base and a metallic – and creating the target spray-outs.”

Duke then gives the students a rundown on the competition format, using SATA RPS cups, the best gun setup, application techniques and rules and regulations before they are left to show their talent.


ACT winner Georgia Freebody with PPG’s NSW training manager Trevor Duke

“It was great to see the young apprentices enthusiastically testing out their colour matching skills as they were given one hour to match the solid colour and, after a break, an hour to match the metallic colour.”

CIT’s Georgia Freebody for the Australian Capital Territory and Tanya Le from Ultimo as NSW winner, were some of the outstanding achievers and they were awarded premium SATAjet X 5500 spray guns as a prize.

Duke says the competitions highlights the terrific results from the apprentices and shows colour matching is a fundamental industry skill to master.

“PPG’s DigiMatch spectrophotometer and VisualizID 3D colour visualisation software are brilliant pieces of technology but there will still be some situations where manual colour matching skills come into play. At PPG, we are passionate about colour and colour matching which is why we work closely with the TAFE organisations right throughout the year.

“For example, providing extra training for third year apprentices, as well as specialised sessions for TAFE teachers to keep them up to date with the latest technologies and techniques.”



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