Written Off Heavy Vehicle Register (WOHVR) legislation passed in NSW

Legislation has been introduced and passed through the New South Wales parliament for the introduction of a WOHVR (written off heavy vehicle register) with the commencement date expected early December 2018. The AHVRA (Australian heavy vehicle repairers association) the peak body representing Commercial Vehicle Accident Repair Specialists throughout Australia, have been actively involved in the process.

The following information is supplied on the impact and benefits of the WOHVR legislation on the Smash Repair Industry to ensure a smooth transition and a better safer industry.

Issues prior to heavy vehicle WOHVR legislation

The current situation presented a danger to all road users as there has been little or no control over the repair of written off heavy vehicles. Write offs are regularly sold at auction with many vehicles undergoing shortcut / cosmetic – type repairs then being on-sold to unsuspecting transport operators. Many of these write off’s have not had the critical safety checks required to front axles & steering components etc, the cost of which contributed to the vehicle being a write off in the first place.

It is prudent that trucks involved in substantial collisions have safety tests carried out (as per the code of conduct) including the following:

  • Steering box check
  • Front axle check including crack testing
  • King Pin checks
  • Steering and pitman arms
  • Turntables etc.

There have not been any records of repaired write-offs and no way for a truck owner/operator to establish if the vehicle they purchased has been a write off. Theft is also a major concern both vehicles and parts.

What the legislation will mean to the repair industry

  • Under the NHVL (national heavy vehicle law) repairs can only be carried out by licensed / accredited Heavy Vehicle Repairers in Accredited Repair Workshops.
  • When repairs are carried out to a repairable write off, on completion of such repairs a signed Compliance Certificate with complete details of what repairs were affected to the vehicle and what parts were fitted must be signed by an accredited / licensed heavy vehicle repairer guaranteeing such repairs.
  • A workshop is to be compliant with all environmental requirements of the law.
  • Damage assessment criteria for the classification of heavy vehicle statutory write offs has been produced by Austroads and the National Motor Theft Reduction Council and must be adhered to.

Adding trucks to the written off vehicle register will allow transport operators to buy used vehicles with the confidence of knowing they are not poorly repaired write off’s and getting these vehicles off the road will provide a much safer environment, saving lives, trauma, finance & reducing theft.

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