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World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Wednesday 28 April 2021 will be World Day for Safety and Health at Work. Since 2003, this great annual initiative has raised awareness about the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work raises awareness about how creating a safety and health culture can help reduce work-related deaths and injuries. Each of us is responsible for stopping deaths and injuries on the job, but not only on 28 April. It must be on our radar every day of the year.

Trades and industry workers in particular, face daily hazards on the job. We sometimes have to remind ourselves of the necessary safety basics for everyday processes we seemingly execute blindfolded. A big part of the body repair process includes grinding, cutting and sanding. Improper use of abrasive products is dangerous and can lead to injury.

So let’s talk about Abrasives Safety. Dust, chips and grit breakage pose hazards, as does a rotating abrasive product or a belt breaking or flying off, or by touching an abrasive product when it’s running, or by noise, vibration, improper use or non-use of personal protective equipment, by electric shocks as a result of electrostatic charge, and by risk of fire and explosion from chips, dust and sparks.

However, it takes three to tango! Abrasives Safety isn’t just about the abrasive product, it’s also the operator and the power tool used. Bosch Professional Power Tools developed X-Lock, the ultimate changing system for grinders. Tool-free accessory change – just click the accessory onto the tool, which is impossible to attach the wrong way. To detach, simply pull the lever with no risk of touching a hot cutting disc. Fast, Simple and Safe! 

Make everyday Safety and Health at Work day.

Happy grinding, cutting and sanding!

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