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Work smarter not harder; specialty fillers aimed at productivity

Cars are now constructed using so many different materials, a workshop needs to stock a range of fillers to cover every possible repair job.

The vast majority of panel repair work can use the same type of filler. A good quality professional grade filler like U-pol Dolphin Premium Body Filler and Dolphin Speedglaze will cover most filling tasks.

But what about metals, plastics, and increasingly panels and parts made from a variety of composites?

The U-pol specialty fillers range is designed to provide the panel repair professional with a perfect filler for every application with the objective of improving productivity and delivering perfect results quickly.

U-pol is a highly user-centric manufacturer of automotive refinish products which means thoroughly working with refinish professionals to design and field test products to optimise results. Workability, consistency, and durability are the ultimate aims.

U-pol’s specialty filler range includes:

U-pol D Aluminium Reinforced Body Filler

Perfect for bright metal parts such as metallic alloy wheels, aluminium panels, or restorations for a metallic finish. U-pol D Aluminium Reinforced Body Filler is a versatile polyester filler reinforced with aluminium flakes for high adhesion across multiple substrates. Like all U-pol fillers, U-pol D cures fast and is easy to sand.

  • High density filler
  • Soft and smooth applications
  • Excellent filling properties
  • Gel time: 4 to 6 minutes at
    20 C°
  • Time to sanding: 15 to 20 minutes at 20 C°

Plast X Highly Flexible Body Filler for Plastics

A high adhesion and extremely flexible polyester filler specially formulated using a premium resin system. Offering superb adhesion and very high flexibility specifically designed for repairing most plastic parts. Plastics are being used more and more in car manufacturing, and filling dings, dents, and scratches requires a highly flexible product that adheres chemically to a wide range of plastic types to ensure the repair remains durable.

Plast X can be sanded back to match shape and level.  Overcoat with standard automotive paints and primers.

  • Excellent feather edge properties
  • High adhesion and flexibility on most plastic components
  • Can be used with a mesh for holes and tab repairs.
  • Gel time: 5 to 6 minutes at
    20 C°
  • Time to sanding: 30 minutes at 20 C°

SMC Carbon Fibre Reinforced Filler – Black/White

U-pol’s SMC Carbon Fibre Reinforced Filler is a unique product consisting of resin reinforced with short carbon fibre strands for structural strength. It is specially formulated to bond with carbon fibre parts, such as panels, door mirrors, and mouldings. It can also be used for non-automotive repairs, such as surfboards, boats, kayaks, and other sporting equipment.

U-pol’s SMC filler is easy to apply and work with. It cures to form a tough and rigid repair that can be drilled, tapped, sawn, or sanded without cracking or splintering.

It has high adhesion and structural strength, making it ideal for large holes and moulded corners that are prone to future impacts and is easy to sand to a fine finish.

  • High adhesion to multiple substrates
  • Structural integrity to allow drilling and tapping without splintering
  • Gel time: 4 to 6 minutes at
    20 C°
  • Time to sanding: 15 to 20 minutes at 20 C°

Fibral Glass Fibre Repair Filler

Fibral Glass Fibre Repair Body Filler offers a strong, durable, non-porous, water-resistant surface that’s easily shaped and sanded. It can be covered with standard polyester filler or painted on directly once cured.

  • Spreads like a short strand yet bridges holes like a long strand
  • Non-sagging even on vertical surfaces – spreads, adheres, and finishes like a polyester filler
  • Forms a hard, durable surface that is still smooth and very easy to sand
  • Water resistant
  • Can be finished with a finishing filler or directly primed.
  • Gel time: 5 to 6 minutes at
    20 C°
  • Time to sanding: 15 to 20 minutes at 20 C°

Fibral Lite Filler

Similar properties to Fibral Glass Fibre Repair Filler, however FIBRAL LITE is easier to sand.

    Fiberglass fillers by their nature give a less smooth finish with more pinholes than a conventional filler.

    For best results apply a thin skim of any conventional polyester filler for example, U-pol Liteweight Gold, or a glaze filler, U-pol Dolphin Glaze before priming.

While most panel repair professionals have a good knowledge and experience working with various types of fillers, there are some tricks that will help produce consistent high-quality outcomes.

The team at U-pol provide a range of technical support for the busy professional and can advise you on how to use each type of filler. We provide technical “how-to” videos and technical support by telephone.

More information or contact U-pol Australia on (02) 4731 2655.

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