NCR Plastfix Women4 plastic repair diversity program
Published on February 14th 2020 in

Women 4 Plastic Repairs Program

Plastfix drives Gender Equality in Automotive Plastic Repairs!

The modern workforce is competitive, complex and is constantly changing – a challenging environment for anyone to work in. For women working in traditionally male-dominated industries such as automotive repair, these challenges can be even greater.

With the need for Plastfix to expand and service a growing market in automotive and general plastic repairs it has to diversify its recruitment strategies and start to explore new ways to attract more women to become plastic repair technicians and possible management opportunities as the company grows.

To tackle this objective head on, Plastfix has launched it’s Women 4 Plastic Repairs Program. The aim is to promote a presence of women in the automotive repair industry through mentoring, flexible working hours and policies that promote fairness and strengthen opportunities for a more diverse and female inclusive workforce.

Plastfix has recently recruited its first female plastic repair technician who has joined its service team in Queensland after successfully completing a six-week training and repair process induction with Queensland Team Leader Keenen Chapman. On the back of her rapid success and quality of work Kristen Heindel has become the foundation ambassador for the company’s Women 4 Plastic repairs program.

“We want to encourage women from various backgrounds and skills to explore this exciting career choice. We are a professional, fresh and innovative company offering flexible working hours to suit candidates who might be looking for part time work or flexible hours and days backed by an attractive salary package and bonus scheme. We need good staff who are looking for long term employment, and we have the work volumes and geographical footprint in Australia and New Zealand to offer flexible working hours to service our customer base,” said Mario Dimovski, CEO of Plastfix.

“This program is close to my heart, having three young girls of my own I always encourage them that they can pursue any career or passion they want and this program is the perfect example of that now led by a very suited role model in Kirsten Heindel. We are aiming to double our workforce in the next 18 months to about 90 staff and its vital we provide opportunities for all suited candidates to achieve this goal as trade industries across all sectors suffer growing skills shortages,” added Dimovski.

 Plastfix has one of the industry’s highest staff retention rates sitting at over 90 percent. It services the industry’s leading collision groups and is driving innovation in Plastic repairs and solutions around the world. Plastfix operates a digital business model where all technicians are given a smart phone that they manage their daily work activities, customer needs and job orders all driven via their own online management platform. We are a safe and secure career choice for employment for any suitable candidate.

“There is an environmental aspect to our service as for every plastic component we repair to be reused, it gets diverted from land fill. We proudly divert approximately 120 tonnes of automotive plastic waste per year across the region,” concluded Dimovski.

Plastfix has started to work with local community groups, schools and employment agencies on their Gender Equality Program and encourages anyone who is considering a new career move to contact them and take the first step towards a new and long-lasting career.

NCR Plastfix Women4 plastic repair diversity program

 Caption: Kirsten Heindel, Plastic Repair Technician and Plastfix Women 4 Plastic repairs ambassador.

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