Will Tesla’s I-CAR welding partnership look like 3-part welding series or its JLR courses?




It’s the million-dollar question about Tesla’s announcement it would cease testing certified auto body shops itself and instead delegate the welding exams to I-CAR:

Will that testing take the form of I-CAR’s in-house three-part welding series, or what some shops told us was more rigorous Jaguar Land Rover coursework administered by I-CAR on that OEM’s behalf?

To read the complete article on Repairer Driven News click here: http://www.repairerdrivennews.com/2017/05/10/will-teslas-i-car-welding-partnership-mirror-i-cars-own-series-or-its-jlr-courses/

This article is courtesy of John Huetter and Repairer Driven News . Check out their website at http://www.repairerdrivennews.com where you will find this and so much more information.

Editor: I-CAR continues to gain credibility in the industry with their teaching and testing capabilities. This is a fine example of just that.  

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