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When rewards come with ease

For fifty years Australia’s largest automotive cooperative Capricorn has believed in the power of the collective.

For fifty years Australia’s largest automotive cooperative Capricorn has believed in the power of the collective. One of the most practical demonstrations is being able to return value back to its Members in its long running Rewards Program. 

Capricorn Members have long enjoyed access to one of Australia’s most generous rewards programs, and now that program has gotten even better with the launch of Rewards+.

Rewards+ gives Capricorn Members the opportunity to use their reward points to buy (almost) anything they want from any shop they want. 

Rochelle Funneman from Shmick Auto Electrics is one of the first Capricorn Members to take advantage of the Rewards+ program. 

“I had a heap of reward points on my account and I really wanted to use them to purchase items from a local store, which I wasn’t able to do previously” Rochelle says. 

“Supporting local is really important to me so when I got the email announcing the launch of Rewards+, I rang Clyde, my Area Manager right away”.

“I went down to the local electronics shop that weekend and bought a 98-inch TV, soundbar and a new TV cabinet, all using Rewards points,” she says. 

“The process was so easy, once we had picked out the items we wanted, I sent the invoice off, within two hours it was approved. I was expecting some back and forth, but there was none, it was so easy. Payment was done by the end of the week and we picked up the goods as soon as we could.

“It was great to be able to reward myself and my family for all the hard work I do with the business. 

“I will be telling all my friends who are Capricorn Members to do this – I know some of them will also be really keen to support local – and I’m sure they will take the offer up, it’s great.”

Capricorn Chief Experience Officer Jacky Mills, says she was thrilled by Rochelle’s experience. 

“At Capricorn, we want to make sure our Members have the very best experience,” Jacky says. 

“Rochelle’s story is the exact thing we hoped to achieve with Rewards+, a program which gives members flexibility and creativity in how they use their Reward points”.  

Capricorn Society was established in 1974 by a small group of Western Australian service station owners to increase their buying power and level the playing field. Now nearly 50 years later, Capricorn has over 26,000 Members including mechanical workshops, collision repairers and auto electricians who work with more than 2,000 preferred suppliers to build stronger businesses.

Rewards+ allows Capricorn Members to purchase items which are not readily available on Capricorn’s standard rewards platform. Products need to be tangible, worth more than $5000 and Members must have the full value of the item in points at the time of submitting the redemption request. Travel and services are excluded. Participation in the Capricorn Rewards Program (including Rewards+) is subject to terms and conditions

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