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Published on August 20th 2021 in

Updated mobile catalogue app 7.0 from Dayco

To further improve its up-to-date product and application information, Dayco has released the latest update to its multi-award-winning mobile catalogue app.

Version 7.0 of the catalogue app, which contains technical information and details about Dayco replacement parts for passenger cars, light and heavy trucks, buses, snowmobiles, all-terrain-vehicles, powersports, agricultural equipment and off-highway applications, is now available from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

The app, which allows customers anywhere in the world to search more than 40,000 Dayco SKUs (stock keeping units), includes features such as make and model search, interchanges, technical information, installation instructions and product spec data, as well as graphic design enhancements. In addition, it provides direct links to Dayco social media pages.

Version 7.0 has also been updated with a new design to showcase the strength of the Dayco brand and the latest technology, which improves performance and functionality, making it easier than ever for customers to access product information and the most relevant vehicle data, such as pictures, routings and layouts, technical instructions, videos, and allows users to save their own searches and filter products by categories.

Enzo Rabante, Senior IT Manager Global Digital Solutions, said: “We completely rebuilt and revamped the app with a new framework with the objective to provide the same user experience and performance on both the most recent and older devices. This version makes it easier than ever for our customers to access product information and the most relevant vehicle data and technical information. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, it also gives us the opportunity to add more innovative features in the future.”

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