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U-POL is giving away great prizes

Win a SATA Spray Gun worth over $1,000!

 Refinish professionals are always looking for ways to achieve better results more quickly and more easily, so U-POL Australia has put together a great combination of products and prizes that will help you to accomplish just that.

Until 7 November 2020, for every purchase of a 7.5 litre kit of S20:81 Clearcoat you can enter the draw and have an equal chance of winning either of these three great prizes:

  • A SATA X5500 RP Digital spray gun valued at over $1,000
  • A RICO Starfinish Anti-Static Gun valued at over $1,750
  • A Raptor 4 litre kit with primers, adhesion promotor and a vari-nozzle spray gun

The SATA spray gun is a top professional weapon that provides great coverage and outstanding control, and the Starfinish Anti-Static gun is another great tool for enhancing consistency of results and reducing work time – they call it “the professional’s secret weapon”.

You can achieve multiple entries simply by purchasing more than one S20:81 Clearcoat kit because you get a new entry for each kit. Therefore, it’s possible to win all three prizes!

The combination of U-POL’s fantastic S20:81 Clearcoat, which they believe is as good as clearcoats costing three times as much, the SATA spray gun and the Starfinish Anti-Static Gun is a winning combination for the refinish professional.

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