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Published on July 16th 2021 in

U-POL Australia and Axalta’s acquisition of U-POL UK

As we reported last week, Axalta Coating Systems is in the process of acquiring U-POL Ltd (UK)

U-POL Australia Pty Ltd has issued a statement clarifying the following key points:

  • U-POL Australia Pty Ltd has been the exclusive importer/distributor for U-POL products (including the Raptor product range) in Australia for almost 25 years.
  • U-POL Australia Pty Ltd is not a subsidiary of U-POL Ltd (UK) – it is a separately owned private family company.
  • U-POL Australia Pty Ltd is not a direct participant in the Axalta/U-POL (UK) acquisition.

“From our customers’ perspective we see business continuing as usual and we look forward to working to support and build U-POL brands and to ensuring that innovations and product developments that arise out of this exciting acquisition are made available to you,” said Damian Cappelluti, General Manager U-POL Australia.

“The acquisition is in the very early stages, and we understand that it will take at least 8-10 weeks to get the necessary regulatory approvals to complete. We will be in contact as any further relevant information becomes available.”

Meanwhile, if you wish to seek any clarification on these points, please do not hesitate to contact Cappelluti directly, or your U-POL sales representative.

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