NCR Ford Bronco
Published on July 18th 2020 in

Two great initiatives from Ford

Launch of FordPass in Australasia

Ford Australia has formally launched FordPass and FordPass Connect to Australian and New Zealand media, hosting more than 10 journalists from key auto and tech media outlets.

This is the second virtual media event and it went off without a hitch. Following the briefing, positive coverage has appeared so far across CarAdvice, GoAuto, CarExpert and many more titles.

It’s a great feature that is available across the range, so to learn more about FordPass and FordPass Connect, visit:

NCR Ford Pass

Ford unveils the Bronco in North America

Ford North America unveiled the highly anticipated Bronco with a virtual launch streamed via YouTube. While the Bronco is only being offered in left-hand drive and the launch was for North America, we are proud to say it has more than a bit of Australian blood running through it, thanks to members of the T6 teams who were leaders in engineering the platform. To view the YouTube launch visit:

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