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Published on July 28th 2019 in

Toyota to bring mobility solutions to the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo

Toyota’s three main pillars for Tokyo 2020 centre on:

  1. Mobility for All, or allowing all people the freedom to move.
  2. Sustainability, centring on the realisation of a hydrogen society (environment/safety)
  3. Transportation support for the Games using the Toyota Production System (TPS).

With these three pillars, Toyota has been aiming to provide mobility solutions that go beyond the traditional provision of vehicles.

Looking towards Tokyo 2020, Toyota, through mobility solutions that combine TPS with diverse mobility, will support smooth operations for Tokyo 2020 as well as support to transport attendees, including staff and visitors.

In addition, through its robots, Toyota will support event operations and provide unique experiences, exceeding the general notion of what mobility has meant for the Games while continuing to challenge itself to provide “Mobility for All” by offering various mobility solutions to make Tokyo 2020 a one-of-a-kind event.

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