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Toyota rotates executive trio to expand leadership experience

Toyota Australia has announced senior executive changes as part of its long-term rotation policy designed to develop the experience and abilities of its leadership team.

The high-level changes, effective 1 July, involve a three-way rotation between the general managers of the national sales, national marketing, and people and business development divisions.

John Pappas moves from Sales to become Toyota’s General Manager of Marketing. Wayne Gabriel will progress from that role to the People & Business Development division, currently led by Jack Hobbs, who will assume responsibility for Sales.

Toyota Australia Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said all three executives have devoted more than 20 years to Toyota and have held their current positions since 2017.

“Toyota’s rotation process plays a vital role in driving innovation and continuous improvement, which is a cornerstone of our company culture,” said Hanley.
“Outstanding leadership by Wayne, John and Jack has been instrumental in Toyota becoming one of Australia’s most trusted brands during a period of tremendous change, including during the global COVID-19 situation. Their new roles will enhance their experience and growth as world-class automotive executives who will continue to navigate Toyota’s success as we transition from a car company to a mobility company.”

Pappas has extensive international, national and regional sales and marketing experience. He spent two years with Toyota Motor Asia-Pacific in Singapore and has held a variety of positions in areas including national sales, regional operations, parts supply and logistics. He joined Toyota in 1996 with a mechanical engineering degree from Monash University.

Gabriel has been instrumental to Toyota’s marketing success in recent times with key highlights including the launch of Supra, Gazoo Racing, and developing Toyota’s “brandshift” project, signalling Toyota’s shift from manufacturer to mobility company. His new role encompasses human resources, organisational development, and retail, product and technical knowledge, among other disciplines. Gabriel began his career in 1997 with Toyota subsidiary Daihatsu and he has continuously progressed through Toyota’s ranks, including customer relations in parts, accessories and service, as well as several senior sales and marketing roles.

Hobbs has led the people & business division since it was formed in 2017. He has had an extensive career in manufacturing, quality, organisational capability, and people and culture since joining Toyota in 1989 with a mechanical engineering (honours) degree from the University of Melbourne.

These new roles will further develop their capabilities as well-rounded automotive executives.

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