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Published on February 12th 2020 in

Timely reminder of Car Craft’s environmental commitment

Next Gen Recycling commenced operations in Western Australia in 2011 to help remove waste plastic and in particular plastic bumper bars that have been damaged and preventing them from going to landfill. The business developed by the Car Craft Group initially to assist their members in removing the plastic from their business premises and take away the plastic to be recycled, started as a first of its kind business in WA and across Australia.

Car Craft Group General Manager Peter McMahon said “We get great support from not only repairers but also our suppliers. Plastic has been an issue for a long time in our industry and as the cost of new plastic bumpers is trending down it will continue to be an issue, I think we just recognised it early, it also assists our Car Craft Repairers to meet their Greenstamp commitments”.

The business now caters to many Perth repairers and ensures that these plastics collected are not sent to landfill, Next Gen recycling has on averaged removed over 35,000 bumpers per year for the last eight years.

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