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Three great body fillers from Roberlo

Roberlo body fillers are the benchmark around the world thanks to their convenient application and ease of sanding. The wide range allows solutions to be offered for any type of application. Roberlo has sold its body fillers continuously in Australia since 2005, although more recently the new and improved formulas and ongoing commitment to excellent service have further enhanced their reputation.

Silver Light Professional Lightweight Body Filler

  • Excellent filling power
  • Smooth texture for an easy spreadability
  • Multipurpose filler for all jobs big or small
  • Very easy sanding – start to sand with P80 and finish with P240
  • Great adhesion to all metals
  • Minimises the need for finishing glaze, saving time and labour
  • Tack and pinhole free.

Maxifill Superior Lightweight Body Filler

  • Professional body filler with good filling properties
  • Creamy texture ideal for repairs of large areas
  • Extremely easy to sand – start to sand with P120 and finish with P220
  • Great adhesion to all metals
  • Eliminates the need for finishing glaze
  • Tack and pinhole free.

Maxilight Superior Lightweight Body Filler

  • Super-smooth self-levelling formula
  • Premium finish that completely eliminates the need for finish glaze
  • Extremely easy to sand even starting with grit P120
  • Tack free
  • Excellent adhesion to galvanize and aluminium
  • Fast drying
  • Creamy texture and easy application ideal for repairs of large areas.

Roberlo products are distributed by Le’Mix Pty Ltd. For more information about Roberlo body fillers or other Le’Mix products, contact Le’Mix on Tel: (02) 9708 4959 or visit:

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