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There’s a billion reasons to look forward to Summernats 34

Summernats organisers were excited to hear the ACT Chief Minister announce a path forward to the return of large events in November and December and is in full support of the Government’s plans to safely reopen the ACT.

Summernats co-owner Andy Lopez said: “We congratulate ACT Health and Government on keeping the latest outbreak well under control and getting ACT vaccination rates at the highest level nationally. The ACT reopening plan is a document of hope and provides the perfect platform for the 2022 ACT event season. This will enable the return of Summernats, Big Bash, Super Rugby, NRL and Enlighten, as well as many other important local community events.”

A recently commissioned economic impact study shows that Summernats has brought $750m into the ACT economy over the last 30 years, and more importantly, will inject a further $250m over the next seven years. That’s a billion reasons why Summernats, and destination events like it, are so important to the recovery of the ACT tourism and hospitality sectors. The $30m that Summernats will generate at the 2022 event will be the perfect kickstart to the tourism economy recovery, providing jobs and surety for accommodation, hospitality, national attractions, and other local business.

Several association heads, business operators and community organisations fully support the return of Summernats, including:

Peter Taylor, CEO of Barlens, welcomes the return of Summernats in January as the Canberra community prepares to come out of lockdown. “This period has been difficult for most Canberrans over recent months, however the overflow has been devastating to the events industry with every major event cancelled over the last 18 months. We welcome the news that there is light at the end of a particularly dark period for our industry. My hope is that businesses have been able to navigate through this period and are able to come back in full swing, rebuilding their business and our community.”

Chair of the Canberra Region Tourism Leaders Forum, Dr. David Marshall is fully supportive of the return of Summernats in early 2022. “It is one of Canberra’s major events attracting well over 100,000 visitors to the National Capital. As travel restrictions are lifted across Australia, these events are pivotal to driving the recovery of the Australian economy in each state and territory. The economic benefit of Summernats to the ACT is significant, and hotels, tourism, hospitality and the retail sectors all benefit from the event.”

Andy Lopez also went on to say: “We saw with interest NSW Government’s support of the announcement of December’s Bathurst Supercar festival, and we’re optimistic the Territory Government will be able to make a similar announcement about Summernats very soon. The Chief Minister and the ACT Government have always been great supporters of our event, and I’m sure the tourism and hospitality sectors are keen to see us here in January.”

Lopez added: “We’ve been working with all parts of government with the number one aim of delivering a safe, fun and sustainable event when the conditions are right. The right conditions are coming, and the work needs to ramp up now so we’re ready to go in January.”

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