NCR SATA true Sun
Published on October 22nd 2021 in

There is daylight between SATA trueSun and the rest

Perfectly uniform light distribution and a true daylight solution makes SATA’s new trueSun LED lamp a must-have tool for accurate colour matching.

Sunlight is fundamentally important for life on earth and it also plays a particularly crucial part in the colour matching process. When it comes to selecting the best colour option to match a vehicle being refinished, or when checking the accuracy, effects, gloss and distribution of a colour after it has been applied, we primarily rely on our vision. However, what we see depends on the surface being illuminated with the correct lighting. Getting a precise result requires a light source that reproduces the entire colour spectrum of sunlight/daylight as accurately as possible. Issues may not be apparent if checked in the booth or indoors under a manmade light source.

As a result, the LED technology in the new trueSun has been developed in conjunction with SATA specifically for the purpose of professional colour matching within a collision repair centre. As well as producing an almost perfect reproduction of daylight, this high precision LED lamp has been tuned for an extremely uniform distribution of light across the entire light cone. What’s more, the light intensity is infinitely adjustable and is unaffected by the battery charge level. Battery life is approximately 70 minutes on full light intensity and it takes around 50 minutes to charge the battery. A built-in display lets you keep track of the charge level and an automatic switch off function helps avoid wasting power when the light is not needed.

Like all SATA products, you get what you pay for with the trueSun. It has been precision German engineered to deliver exceptional true daylight performance that can be used inside the spray booth or anywhere indoors to assess colour and finish reliably and accurately, as well as detect flaws such as mottling. These are the moments where a missed identification can easily lead to an expensive rework. Avoiding just a single rework can easily cover the cost of the trueSun, which makes using one an absolute no-brainer!

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