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Thousands flock to collision industry’s ‘must see’ 2024 Expo

Thousands more have flocked of the 2024 Collision Repair Expo as the revamped exhibition showcases some of the best innovations and services in the industry, ending on a high after its second day.

The vibe of the vast space and crowded avenues between the hundreds of exhibitors was definitely upbeat. Multiple exhibitors that NCR talked to  were buoyant about the strong crowds and the engagement from businesses.

With new timing in 2024 that avoids a clash with the Grand Prix in Melbourne and shaking off the reticence of the post-COVID gloom that was an element in 2022, this year’s version of the aftermarket’s biggest expo in Australia appears to be going from strength to strength.

Image: Prime Creative Media

The Thursday crowds were strong but Friday as proved even better with many booth demonstrations attracting crowds five rows deep.

The formal demonstrations and lectures, which the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association, highlighted as a key attraction for workshops owners and technicians have also proved popular.

Pre-registrations were reported to be more than 11, 000 and there was a palpable buzz in the vast room as repair industry crowds flocked to see what was on offer.

The international presence was also significant with large contingents from automotive industry suppliers from China and Taiwan having notable profiles, along side multiple trusted brands on show from Europe and the US.

The SAPE team show off the Spanesi bench. Image:Prime Creative Media

The Expo also aims to bring a strong educational focus in bid to inspire and encourage repair businesses to discover a diverse range of areas, including technological advancements.

The theme of the Expo for 2024 is ‘The Future is Here’. With the emergence of AI, and the advancements in ADAS and EVs, the automotive repair industry needs to move with the changing tide. The Expo is proving a chance a for businesses to learn and grow to prepare for a sustainable and successful future.

The event offers opportunities to make the future accessible through presentations of practical solutions that can improve business.

Expo learning opportunities too good to pass up

When it comes to preparing for the future, one of the best opportunities to learn so much under one roof will be at the unmissable 2024 Collision Repair Expo where a strong educational focus hopes to inspire and energise repair businesses in a diverse range of areas.

A great place for workshops to learn about the latest technology.

The 2024 Collision Repair Expo launched with the special theme ‘The Future is Here’ and plans for the April event have followed up this focus with a range of educational opportunities not only making this future accessible but offering practical solutions that can make real differences to repair businesses.

The ADAS Technology Zone will showcase ADAS calibration demonstrations and answer important questions about this emerging and crucial component of automotive repair.

Another Expo highlight for 2024 is the Expo Electrified Zone, which will offer unique opportunities to learn about EV and hybrid service and repair with hands-on and practical demonstrations, including live testing of EV motors and generators.

Expo training will be about a lot more than just technology, with a wide range of sessions including international experts on how you can improve your businesses as well as special insights on recruitment.

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Presented by the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association the exhibition will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre across April 11-13.

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Training is always a big part of the expo offering.

NCR caught up with AAA chief executive, Stuart Charity, to see what his ‘must see’ elemenst will be at this year’s expo.

Charity explained the fitting theme of the event, encouraging businesses to embrace the opportunities of the future.

“In the past, we’ve always talked about how the future is coming,” Charity says.

“There are many different issues arriving, with the complexity of vehicle technologies, issues with calibration methods, the transition to net zero and EVs.”

“So there’s a whole lot of industry and technological issues that are all kind of intersecting and it’s happening now.”

“This expo is about educating the industry on what’s going on. Giving them accurate information, and then giving them the tools that they need to be able to make decisions about their own business going forward.”

PPG show off their versatile paint mixing technology housed in the Moonvan at the Expo.

The Expo is expected to reach a vast audience, with over seven thousand tickets sold so far, and more expected to sell over the next two weeks.

“We’re getting good registration for our activations as well. So we’ve got the expo electrified feature and the ADAS calibration feature and low back spray booth. They’re all getting really strong bookings as well as well as our seminar schedule,” he says.




The ‘must sees’ at the Expo.

There is plenty to see over the course of the three-day event. Charity gave us his opinion on the ‘must sees’ and experiences you’d be sad to miss.

  1. The Show Floor

“I’d certainly encourage people coming to spend time on the show floor. It is a collision repair expo, but there’s also the broader auto aftermarket experts. There are 400 exhibitors across five acres of floor space and all the latest equipment and technology to help improve businesses.”

ADAS calibration demonstrations. Image Prime Creative Media
  1. Book a session time with a show feature

“I’d recommend the collision repair visitors to book a time for the show features, which is an interactive experience where you can ask questions. One of which is on the calibration features,” Charity says.

“It’s not a sales exhibit, it’s an education exhibit. So we have experts with a vehicle and different equipment on the stand talking about the calibration process, when it’s needed, what different equipment does, what the strengths and weaknesses are, the list goes on.”


  1. The business education programme

“The business education programme will give people tips on how to retain and attract good talent and how to tap into the cash flow waterfall,” he says.

“We’ve also got three international speakers, one of which is an expert on working with EVs, and another is a technical trainer from ICAR in the US. We have some really high quality international trainers, all free of charge.”

The Expo will continue today April 12 and Saturday April 13 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Tickets to the Expo are available here.

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