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Published on December 10th 2021 in

The future of Glue Pull Repair by Keco Australia

As the momentum of Glue Pull Repair (GPR) gathers pace globally, Keco Body Repair Products announced its arrival on Australian shores. “It’s an exciting day for Keco and our global brand as we launch Keco Australia to help collision repair centres throughout Australia understand the benefits of Glue Pull Repair to their businesses”, said Keco President Chris White.

Keco Australia is a partnership with Anthony Carroll and Greg Lamrock from Smart PDR Tools Australia. From humble beginnings five years ago, Smart PDR Tools is now Australia’s most successful PDR tool supplier. “Partnering with Keco and moving into the panel shop industry with GPR is a natural progression for our business,” said Carroll.

Keco has been leading the charge of GPR into body shops across the US and UK. With 60 years’ experience in injection moulding, Keco is the only company that focuses exclusively on GPR collision systems. The Keco GPR system and training has been selected as the approved GPR supplier for Caliber Collision, the largest multi shop collision repair organisation throughout the United States with over 1,300 shops.

Shop owner Barry Dorn, Dorn’s Body & Paint Mechanicsville VA, and a member of the I-CAR board said: “Having GPR in use in our shop is like having the future available to us now”.

Not only are body shops in the US and UK taking advantage of GPR, but the early adopters in Australia are also signing up to the new way of repair. “Glue Pull is definitely a game-changer and a huge asset in our business. It’s not only safer for our staff and the integrity of the vehicle, but it’s also much cleaner – which we love,” said Paul Mackay, Managing Director, Miranda Auto Body.

“GPR repair is a less invasive method that doesn’t destroy the integrity or molecular structure of metals whether it’s alloy or steel. The other big plus is that it doesn’t destroy or burn any of the inner panels. Leaving the factory e-coat intact and all factory corrosion protection in place,” added Mackay.

Keco GPR Products and System won the SEMA 21 New Product Award for Collision Repair and Refinish Product and is truly changing the collision industry. For free online educational content or more information, visit:

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