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The CSC-Tool SE from Hella Gutmann Solutions

The next generation of the award-winning, multi brand ADAS calibration solution is the CSC-Tool SE.

The safety-critical nature of advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) means that accuracy is essential when it comes to calibrating the sensitive cameras and radar sensors fitted to today’s motor vehicles. The latest generation of Hella Gutmann Solutions’ award-winning calibration tool, the CSC-Tool SE, is a flexible, modular system that can be specified to meet a range of workshop requirements and its design enables accurate results to be achieved. New features help to save valuable workshop time by making it even quicker and easier to make the fine adjustments necessary to meet the calibration pre-conditions. New features include a vertical sliding cross beam for infinite and simple height adjustments, with integrated mirrors for increased accuracy and protection; a plastic measuring rod with park position; larger stand wheels for easier manoeuvrability; and green line lasers on the wheel clamps for even faster setup. The new design ensures maximum accuracy when calibrating ADAS camera and radar systems for results that meet vehicle manufacturer standards.
NCR Hella

Hella is a world-renowned tier 1 supplier to global OEMs, so if ADAS calibration is on your radar, who better to talk with than the developers of the many sensors and software that are fitted to today’s motor vehicles? Developed in partnership with Hella, Hella Gutmann Solutions are pleased to now offer the CSC-Tool SE in Australia.

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