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Published on October 30th 2019 in

The colours of Summernats by PPG

Colourful cars and colourful people make for a colourful experience at the annual Summernats event, and that is a perfect fit for PPG.

These days, the high octane Summernats festival regularly attracts around 120,000 people to Canberra’s Exhibition Park in early January and, sometimes, it can feel like all of them are at the onsite PPG stand at once, according to Tony Naughton, car enthusiast and PPG NSW Business Development Manager.

“We have a great PPG/Protec team for our Summernats 2020 stand and they are looking forward to a very busy four days. Because we welcome so many visitors, PPG now has one of the biggest marquees and it’s packed with colourful displays. As usual, we will have several top class show cars on display to really showcase exactly what PPG products are capable of achieving. This includes a finalist at Motorex 2019 and another that was unveiled at the 2019 Hot Rod & Custom Auto Expo,” he said.

“Another exciting reason to drop by is to get a taste of the super successful PPG ‘Masters of Custom’ workshop. Using techniques from that mid-2018 event, we are planning to display a series of panels that show, step-by-step, what goes into creating an epic custom paint job. By moving from panel to panel, visitors can see the physical progress from prepped bare metal, right through to the awesome final finish,” he continued.

“Naturally, this also features PPG’s Vibrance Collection, which these days includes everything you need for a custom job, from primers, to a vast range of colours and finishes, through to a specialised clearcoat to apply the final touch. However, PPG is also a leader in mainstream paints and colours, which we are highlighting with our ‘Retro Colour Wall’.

Muscle car fans are going to love it. A whole series of classic muscle car colours will be on display, from Ford, Holden, Chrysler, and so on, such as a panel painted in the 1971 Falcon colour ‘Yellow Glow’, complete with GT stripes, and another featuring the ‘Silver Mink’ colour from the HK GTS Monaro.”

“More than ever, the PPG Summernats stand is a great place to catch up with a PPG expert and discuss your needs. Whether you are a refinish professional, a custom painter or just planning your dream build, you can tap into their knowledge and advice. Best of all, whatever colour you settle on, you can take away full details so you have them for future reference. The PPG stand is super easy to find – just look for PPG Corner or follow the crowds!”

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