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Published on November 5th 2019 in

The Colours of Europe – The Standox 2020 Calendar

Football fever is coming! EURO 2020 will be played across Europe: from Ireland, Scotland and Hungary, to Italy, Spain and Azerbaijan. The Standox 2020 calendar is embracing the tournament, while keeping a close eye on some fascinating cars.

Football can be played almost anywhere – on fields, on streets, in squares and in courtyards – it only needs a ball. The affinity for the game that starts as a child nearly always follows into adulthood. This deep-seated fascination is portrayed by the Hamburg, Germany, photographer Anatol Kotte in the Standox 2020 calendar – The Colours of Europe.

Kotte captures the flair of twelve European countries in very individual ways, and he consciously refrains from incorporating obvious symbols. There’s no Big Ben in the London photo, and no Colosseum in the Rome one. Instead, Kotte provides subtle hints through shop signs, road markings or the colour of a license plate.

The calendar images show people engrossed in what they do. They illustrate that football is more than a European Championship, that it has its roots in the people’s playfulness. All the images in the calendar combine strikers and coaches whose shared enthusiasm knows no bounds. Kotte combines this with the fascination of extraordinary cars. In the picture for the Netherlands, for example, he shows a spectacular and rare Spyker C8, which used to be manufactured near Amsterdam. For Italy, the modern ultra-flat hi-tech Lamborghini Aventador sits juxtaposed on an old pavement. And the Russian picture is worth taking some time over – a huge, angular GAZ-14 Chaika that in Soviet times was only for top officials.

“We have been working with well-known photographers to design our Standox wall calendar for over 30 years,” says Olaf Adamek, Brand Manager for Standox in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “It is not commercially available, but goes exclusively to customers, partners and friends of the brand. We wish all participating countries the best of luck for all their matches and look forward to a fair and exciting EURO 2020.”

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