CTR9 welding
Published on December 1st 2020 in

The art AND science of welding

There are many reasons why car manufacturers are very specific about how to weld, where to weld, and what equipment to use to ensure a safe and proper repair. When we distil it all down, it’s all about ensuring the repaired vehicle will perform in any subsequent collision in the way it was designed to do.

As we are all too aware, it is the body shop owner who is ultimately responsible for the quality of the repair. This is one of the reasons why Car-O-Liner invests so much in innovation and ensuring the technician does the job right so the body shop owner can sleep at night knowing the customer’s vehicle is returned to pre-accident condition.

Leading the way is Car-O-Liner’s high-performing, fully automatic CTR 9 welder that comes with a revolutionary lightweight transformer gun which, combined with its 355° swivel handle and ergo-grip, enables perfect working positions for anyone, for any job.

The gun is supported by the C-tong telescopic support arm, which is constructed of durable, lightweight extruded aluminium that can be easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally for an optimum working position. It will come as no surprise that this arm has been a runner-up in the Commercial Equipment category of the Core77 Design Awards.

The CTR 9 also has an in-built pneumatic feature that presses the welding tips together automatically when triggered. Now, as all good auto body technicians know, the electrode force is an important ingredient in a good resistance weld and in this case, the pressure setting is visible in the control panel display and can be set automatically or manually.

Flexibility, accessibility, ease of use and accuracy are all critical to the end result, as is the ability to verify the quality of the weld. With the best measuring technology available, the CTR 9 is the first spot welder designed to make high-quality welds by instantly measuring the metal panels and calculating the exact amount of time, current and clamping force needed for a 100% quality weld every time. The integrated quality assurance management system monitors the joining process from start to finish, and the Auto Check shows you any diversion on the welding process to ensure both safety and quality at all times.

A compact power unit with a low centre of gravity gives mobility and stability, while a 16,000-amp transformer and CANBUS communication ensure a perfect weld every time. The transformer gun, made of reinforced fibreglass, is designed for fast-paced activity while at the same time reducing the strain on your body. It’s robust, yet among the lightest on the market, allowing you to work efficiently without fatigue.

The fully closed ergo-grip handle fastens at both ends to enhance manoeuvrability and allow you to hold the gun in a relaxed way in every working position. In addition, the six metre cable gives better accessibility and you can reach more parts and sections of the vehicle without moving the machine.

With its solid, high-strength steel bottom plate, the robust and compact power unit features a low centre of gravity for superior stability and increased mobility. The control unit is easy and intuitive to use, ensuring fast-paced accuracy with every welding spot. Ready to perform in your body shop per OEM requirements, it’s no surprise that the CTR 9 replicates the welding procedure performed by the car manufacturers.

Car-O-Liner has been at the forefront of design, manufacture and supply of cutting-edge technology for almost half a century, taking great pride in their innovation philosophy that maintains their market leading position. Their welding technology truly epitomises this commitment to excellence and the CTR 9 is the jewel in the crown.

For more information, contact www.car-o-liner.com.au or call Car-O-Liner Australia on (02) 4271 6287.

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