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The 3M-Foose tour at Speedshow 2019

For the third consecutive year we followed the 3M-Foose Tour, which this time made its way to New Zealand and the CRC Speedshow in Auckland. Once again the 3M team excelled itself as the fans flocked to the ASB Showgrounds to meet the master.

The tour kicked-off with a VIP function where Chris LeBlanc, 3M General Manager Safety & Industrial and Transport & Electronics (SITE) welcomed approximately 100 guests to mix and mingle with the team and have their photo taken with Chip Foose. Foose also regaled the group with his journey from a young boy in his dad’s shop to become 3M’s global ambassador and international media personality.

As the name suggests, Speedshow 2019 covered not only a huge range of all types of cars, but also motorbikes, jet skis, karts and a variety of motorsport from all over New Zealand. I’ve always thought the Kiwis were a nation of petrolheads and over the weekend they came out in droves as if to prove it, which was fantastic to see.

The show included the Scoot Skate-Drift track which hosted, stunt bikes, karts, trikes, head-to-head racing, nitro funny cars, precision drifting and a cruise event that showed off some of the best cars at Speedshow. Even Foose got caught up in the moment when he described the occasion as “sweet-as”!

The 3M Foose tour provided multiple opportunities for fans to meet Foose, get his autograph and have their photo taken – Carmine De Maria of CAD Custom was only too eager to be the “unofficial fan photographer”. Fosse, as usual was extremely generous with his time.

3M was once again showing of their “latest and greatest” products for the collision repair sector, headed up by Anthony Borg, with several Australian’s making the journey across-the-ditch to support their cousins. In addition, the 3M Print Wrap Film business, which is now part of Andrew King’s portfolio, demonstrated not only the application process but the outstanding results that can be achieved in the automotive space, by twice wrapping a Ford Ranger Raptor over the weekend.

There was a fantastic array of show cars, street cars, classic cars, vintage cars, wild, weird and wacky cars and even a reveal of the much-anticipated Toyota Supra. There were also some fantastic, if not altogether practical custom motorcycles, together with the 2019 range from Auckland Harley Davidson.

This was not a show about parts and accessories, this was a show about cars and all things fast! It was well supported by the numerous car clubs that had their race cars, bikes and karts on display. It was also a show to engage with the mums and dads and the crowd really did turn out on a rather fresh Auckland weekend – but hey, it’s the middle of winter.

This was my first Speedshow and I was extremely impressed by the quality of the builds of the custom cars and the street cars and the owners and builders were justifiably proud of their achievement. It was a really great weekend – well done Auckland!

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