Tesla vows to add 300 more body shops soon, drop poor performers, ‘personally manage each car’

After a Tesla owner complained  in the Motley Fool about a long wait time for parts, Tesla fired back — at its collision repairers.

Actually, it didn’t just fire back, it went nuclear.

“We are applying brute force to this immediately,” global sales and service President Jon McNeil announced Friday on the Tesla Motors Club forum. He said Tesla staff would “personally manage each car on behalf of our customers that are in 3rd party body shops,” add 300 shops “over the next few weeks” and dump “poor performing shops” from the network.

To read the complete article click here: http://www.repairerdrivennews.com/2017/03/13/tesla-vows-to-add-300-more-body-shops-soon-drop-poor-performers-personally-manage-each-car/

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