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Published on November 16th 2020 in

Tasmanian government goes electric!

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) applauds the Tasmanian government’s proposed transition of the government vehicle fleet to 100% electric vehicles by 2030.

“The announcement that the Tasmanian government plans to transition the government fleet to 100% electric vehicles by 2030 shows a forward-thinking government that acknowledges the importance of addressing climate change and improving health outcomes for its people,” said Tony Weber, the FCAI’s Chief Executive.

Tasmania’s unique position with its renewable energy advantage means that the fleet will utilise domestic energy sources and create a more affordable second-hand electric vehicle market that will support the longer-term widespread adoption of low emission vehicles.

“This proposal shows great leadership by the Tasmanian Government and will hopefully inspire some less-progressive governments around Australia,” concluded Weber.

Editor: Contrast this with the SA governments proposal to tax electric vehicles!

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