NCR Stronger with Capricorn

Stronger with Capricorn

Stronger with Capricorn

New brand positioning for Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative.

When 12 Golden Fleece service station owners in Western Australia met to discuss the strengthening of their businesses by working together as a cooperative, they would never have envisaged that nearly five decades later they would be joined by more than 21,000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand who similarly recognised how they could be stronger together.

Capricorn has supported the Australian automotive aftermarket since the 1970s and it has done the same in New Zealand for more than two decades. If it has something to do with moving on wheels, Capricorn has been there, supporting Members to keep those wheels turning and improving their business success and sustainability.

To help their Members’ businesses thrive, Capricorn has introduced a myriad of support covering access to suppliers and parts, operations and service data as well as financial assistance, business protections and industry networking events. These varied Capricorn Services have one common goal – helping to make Members’ businesses stronger.

Protecting each Capricorn Member’s existence as a strong, independent business is foundational to advancing the Australian and the New Zealand automotive aftermarket repair industries as we head towards a technologically disrupted and demanding future.

The time has come to take the strong business relationships that Capricorn has formed with their Members and Preferred Suppliers to the next level of value and support, to make each of them stronger over a long and successful future.

To outline this clearly, a new brand positioning statement has been created that reflects Capricorn’s total commitment to providing services, support and value over the long term to all Capricorn Members and Preferred Suppliers – Stronger with Capricorn.

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Stronger with Capricorn is about more than just the strength that Australasia’s largest automotive cooperative has in its numbers. It defines the strength and support that comes with an extensive network that has been designed by automotive repairers for automotive repairers.

Stronger with Capricorn also signifies Capricorn’s strength in growing their Members’ businesses using the vast products and services currently provided, with new support services being constantly developed to meet current and future technological, financial and risk challenges.

Stronger with Capricorn also reflects how this unique and highly effective automotive aftermarket industry-based cooperative supports their Members to face the future positively and with continued business success, regardless of the changes being faced by the industry.

According to Capricorn’s Group Chief Executive Officer, David Fraser, the advantages of being a Capricorn Member have grown far beyond simply making their businesses easier to operate from purely a business transactional point of view.

“While making business easier for our Members is important, Capricorn provides far more than that. Our new brand positioning outlines Capricorn’s unique ability to champion Member business improvement by leveraging our extensive and Member exclusive products and services,” said Fraser.

“Supporting our Members’ businesses and helping to make them stronger is fundamental to ensuring a positive and sustainable future. Making your business Stronger with Capricorn is without a doubt the major advantage of being a Capricorn Member,” concluded Fraser.

The new Stronger with Capricorn brand positioning will be visible across all Capricorn online and print media advertising along with promotional documentation during 2020. A detailed video has been produced to further outline Capricorn’s new brand positioning statement which can be viewed online at or directly here:

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