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Stay ahead of the game with Capricorn and invest before the end of the financial year

Australasia’s largest cooperative in the automotive parts buying industry, Capricorn, is always encouraging its members to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the running of their businesses.

With automotive repair and servicing technology constantly advancing, it is important for businesses to be sure that they are continually updating their plant, equipment and tools.

To assist Capricorn members to make the necessary investments in their businesses, Capricorn offers its members finance options to assist in updating their servicing and repair capabilities throughout the year.

There is no better time than now to invest, before the end of the financial year, in your business, with the Federal Government’s $20,000 equipment and business asset investment tax offset incentive.

The importance of investing in your business’ future cannot be understated, particularly with the constantly evolving technology and expertise required to service the vast number of vehicle makes and models on Australia’s roads.

Investing in your business through replacement of worn or dated equipment also enhances workplace safety and productivity, two factors that form the fundamental pillars of small business success.

Whether a Capricorn member’s workshop needs a new hoist, wheel balancer, state of the art diagnostic scan tools or other important equipment items, Capricorn is ready to support its members with various business equipment finance options.

For further information about business equipment finance options or other benefits of being a Capricorn member, contact the Capricorn Customer Service team on Tel: 1800 327 437.

Editor: Well worth considering for any business.

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