State Farm to require I-CAR-approved steel, aluminum welding technicians at DRP shops

State Farm will require between one and two technicians at every Select Service auto body shop to have passed I-CAR’s aluminum and steel welding program by March 2018, it announced Thursday.

I-CAR’s “Steel MIG Welding” (WCS03) and “Steel Sectioning” (SPS05) courses must be passed by Dec. 31, and “Aluminum MIG Welding” (WCA03) must be finished by March 31, 2018. I-CAR will cut State Farm shops a break on pricing, according to an I-CAR webpage describing the changes.

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This article is courtesy of John Huetter and Repairer Driven News . Check out their website at where you will find this and so much more information.

Editor: More insurers in countries where I-CAR operates are seeing the value in training and certification for body shops working on the insured’s vehicles

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