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Spies Hecker launches Tips4You – online video tips for car refinishers

Spies Hecker, one of three premium refinish brands from Axalta Coating Systems, is introducing its own series of online videos called Tips4You, so that professional refinishers can get practical advice on how best to process paint repairs in an easily accessible format.

The new Spies Hecker Tips4You videos feature an experienced refinish technician who shows refinishers how to get the most out of their Spies Hecker products through correct application. The videos, which are available on the Spies Hecker website and its YouTube channel, provide not only a top service for paint professionals, but also challenge dubious advice on the Internet.

Learn more at YouTube

The Tips4You videos are available on YouTube – spiesheckerANZ. There are countless videos on the internet about paint repairs, even some that use Spies Hecker products. Unfortunately, many of them convey incorrect information. This can mean that painters who search for information online can come across misleading material that can lead to serious mistakes with the paint job. Tips4You avoids this and shows painters how to get the most out of Spies Hecker products.

It’s all about the details

The Tips4You videos show the preparation, explain the small details of the paint application during various repairs, and give tips for efficient application. Unscripted and without special effects, everything is shown as it happens, from the colour reading on the substrate to the setting of the spray gun.

“Our experts are real technicians, not actors. They convey the same thing we would teach in our official technical courses, so the videos are completely authentic and, of course, absolutely reliable. Our aim is to make Tips4You the go-to channel for professional refinishers,” says Paul Polverino, Axalta Australia National Training Manager.

The first two videos, on how to use Permahyd Hi-TEC 480 correctly and how to prevent mottling, are online now and can be viewed at

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