NCR Car-O-Liner Speed Bench
Published on February 18th 2022 in

Speed Bench from Car-O-Liner

Speed is one of the most effective lighter weight benches on the market, there isn’t much that this bench can’t tackle in the way of cosmetic damage repair. It only takes a few seconds to set up the convenient draw aligner which can be rotated 180º around the platform at one end and tilted 90º horizontally. Once pulling begins the draw aligner finds the correct position. For more pulling power there is the Speed Plus bench, which allows the attachment of two draw aligners, one at either end.

Versatility improves workflow

Speed can handle most types of sheet metal damage, but what makes this bench different from most ordinary alignment benches is that Speed’s versatility allows you to complete almost the entire repair job using just one bench. All service and repair operations can be performed quickly and effectively using a single setup. You avoid the unnecessary interruptions that arise when moving the car between different workstations which gives you a greatly improved workflow and increases your overall workshop capacity.

Ergonomy enhances productivity

Speed offers superior vehicle access since no posts are needed, and vehicles can be quickly and easily raised to the most comfortable working height for each repair operation. These ergonomic features increase efficiency and offer a productive working environment.

Speed and strength

Guaranteed high precision. While Speed is perfect for minor repair damage it can also handle heavy pulling work. Quickly attach the 5-ton draw aligner to begin alignment work on collision-damaged vehicles. Speed is suitable for most passenger cars and light transport vehicles.

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