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Published on August 13th 2019 in

Sommerville Smash Repairs completes Axalta Services Course

The team from Sommerville Smash Repairs in Queensland attended a 1 day course hosted by the Axalta Services team and it was clear that they understood the value of training, as all team members were encouraged to attend the course, ranging from admin staff through to repair staff and detailers.

The course aimed to provide each participant with additional knowledge around Product Management, Leadership and KPI’s. Overall, when particpants walked away from the course, the aim was that each team member understood their role in the production process and how they could directly impact the efficiency of the bodyshop.

“We found the training from Axalta invaluable to the success of our shop. Having all of our staff from front office to paint, panel, parts and detail shown the way everything works as a vehicle progresses through the repair process is vital,” said Chris Agnew from Sommerville Smash Repairs. “The training helps them to understand the impact that each of them have on the entire process and why we have the systems in place that we do. This further assists our managers to increase the productivity of the shop and having Axalta come to our site and conduct the training in situ was an added bonus.”

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