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Published on March 26th 2021 in

sia Abrasives Automotive X-LOCK range

Cut down time with one click and go!

The sia Abrasives range of X-LOCK accessories, with cutting and grinding discs that are backwards compatible, was developed by Bosch Professional Power Tools to not only fit your X-LOCK angle grinder but also fit your old angle grinder. This way, everyone can experience the sia difference when it comes to your general fabrication needs.

With the X-LOCK mount accessory, changes are up to five times faster than conventional interfaces and weld removal is up to 40% faster.  There is no need for a spanner, wrench or flange nuts – designed by professionals for professionals. We know our customers, so we’ve designed the tools to get the job done with improved speed and efficiency!

It’s a tool-free accessory change – just click the accessory onto the tool, which is impossible to attach the wrong way. Simply detach by pulling the lever, so no risk of touching a hot cutting disc. Fast, simple and safe!

The X-LOCK range includes:

Flap discs                            2824 siaflap                   Zirconia

Fibre discs                          4560 siabite                   Ceramic

Cutting discs                      8913 siacut                    Aluminium Oxide

Grinding discs                    8933 siagrind                Aluminium Oxide

Strip disc (nonwoven)      6300 siastrip                 Silicon Carbide

To order your new X-LOCK products, contact your nearest sia distributor or call our friendly customer service team on 1300 SIA 123 and we can help you find your nearest distributor!

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