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Published on April 22nd 2022 in

Sheen Community Fund

Providing much needed support.

Sheen Group has raised in excess of $4.7 million for the community over the past 20 years and continues their charitable work to this day.

With the vision to fund assistance dogs for children who have medical conditions such as autism, physical and intellectual disabilities, Sheen Group raised over $250,000 in 2021 enabling them to provide a young seven-year-old boy with an assistance dog, along with providing the opportunity to support the Variety Christmas Appeal resulting in 4,500 Christmas gifts distributed and support for 16 schools, childhood centres and other organisations.

Sheen’s charitable work did not stop there, the money raised also provided the means for ‘Beat the Heat Victoria’ to deliver a youth motorsport and automotive mentoring program across Victoria throughout 202/21. Congratulations Sheen Group, truly inspiring!

Martin Stone, Sheen Group managing director was awarded the Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for his contribution to charitable organisations and contributions to the collision repair industry. Martin was awarded the National Collision Repairer Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019 and is a Life Member of Variety.

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