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SEMA Day three

Well it was much easier to get around today as the crowds were smaller but still a lot of people here.

It was a day for a major education event-the OEM Forum. The session lasted all day with many hot topics including the first one up-vehicle scanning. This will be covered in some detail in the December issue of NCR.

There were lots of personality appearances at SEMA today with big crowds standing for some time to obtain autographs and photos.

I managed to get to the Central Hall today which is huge and full of trucks and truck buy quetiapine 25mg accessories. And when I say trucks I mean big trucks!

Today and yesterday I caught up with lots of Aussies on the SCRS booth and around the show. Tony Farrugia, Bob Christie, Trevor Parkes, Alan McCarthy, Tod Sarina, Graham Moore, Jim Gunn, Richard McClunie, Robert McLymont, Terry Feehan, Paul McMartin and a host of others! PPG has a tour group of 25 and Capricorn a tour group of 70!

Major companies are hosting events tonight as we head into the last day tomorrow.

Check out the website tomorrow for more photos and information.

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