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SATA goes solo across the ditch

Specialist spray equipment manufacturer, SATA, is a leading brand in markets all over the world, including New Zealand. The appointment of PPG as a dual importer, in 2013, made SATA’s unique technology more easily accessible to a far larger number of Kiwis and significantly grew the German company’s profile throughout the country. Indeed, SATA named PPG as its global ‘Importer of the Year’ in 2013. Now, these achievements have been recognised with PPG receiving sole importer status from 1st January 2018 and the strong partnership is set to continue, according the Kurt Way, PPG Category Manager, Associated Products.

“We are privileged to have the opportunity to import the SATA brand to New Zealand and there are already big plans for the future. As well as the existing range of spray guns, RPS cups, hoods and filters, we will be launching the SATAjet 1500 B SoLV spray gun early in 2018. It is still made at SATA’s state-of-the-art German facility and it still comes packed with SATA quality, functionality and reliability – it is just at a lower price point. Late February 2018 is also scheduled for a national SATA roadshow. Stopping off at locations around the country, it is a convenient way for people to meet a SATA technical specialist and the regional sales manager from the company’s German headquarters and get a real insight into SATA technology and exactly what it can do for you. It is an exciting time and I would encourage everyone to come along.”

“PPG has enjoyed a strong partnership with SATA in this region for well over a decade and New Zealand customers are reaping the rewards of that. We have a large and extensive customer support network across the country and there is an excellent distribution system in place which carries a good level of stock. If we need to source a particular item of stock – a gun, hood, filters, spare parts, and so on, we have the option of getting products from Australia or from Germany.”

“Putting a SATA spray gun in someone’s hand for them to try is better than any advertising we could possibly do. The old saying is ‘once a SATA user, always a SATA user’ and that message is still very strong. From the time we took on SATA in this region, all PPG team members involved in spraying – Territory Managers, Technical Demonstrators and Training Managers have used SATA equipment because it is recognised as the best. As a result, giving SATA a try is as simple as contacting a member of the PPG team and asking – they will be happy to help! On top of this, when you do purchase a SATA gun, the PPG team will also guide you through setting it up – air pressure, material, fan – so it is ready to go and produce the very best results straight away.”

“If price wasn’t a factor, I reckon every technician would buy SATA. It is important to look at what you get for the money. When measured against other brands, SATA is like buying a German sports car compared to a basic mainstream hatchback. You will be surprised at how much easier it makes life for paint technicians. Not only that, treat it well and replace wearing parts when needed and a SATA gun will give you outstanding service long after others have given up. In global terms, New Zealand may not be a huge market but SATA still sees it as an important one. As a result, SATA customers can rely on the excellent service and support that they deserve.” A comprehensive range of SATA® spray equipment is available from your PPG refinish distributor or Protec distributor.

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