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Roberlo brings training closer to Australia

How do you keep on learning about car refinishing and industrial coatings in Australia? How do you deal with the great distances in the country, travel bans or lockdowns?

Roberlo’s answer to these questions is Crom Campus! It is the free access point to all the knowledge, training and information in the areas of car refinish and industrial coatings of Roberlo and Disolac, aimed at painters, body shops and distributors in the sector.

Crom Campus is a solution designed to overcome great distances, accessible on any device, which allows you to follow the training at your own pace, whether you are in Sydney or in any town in Australia. The Crom Campus content is regularly updated with new subjects and novelties and the user can find topics such as: application techniques, tips, concepts, specific processes and market trends.

The content is available in three different formats: articles in the blog section, bodywork and industrial coatings seminars, and special events. Users in Australia can discover a new blog post each week on bodywork, industrial paint or colour, with case studies or tips.

NCR LeMix Crom Campus

Bodywork and industry courses are comprehensive training programs that present subjects in very rich detail. They have been designed by professionals active in the sector and are designed so they are quick to cover.

In addition, the agenda includes Crom Campus events that are live online meetings with specialists and leading collaborators in the sector to discuss and anticipate news, trends and latest technologies.

For distributors who wish to get involved, Roberlo also offers custom-made Crom Campus training tailored to the specific needs of each sector in Australia.

For more information about Crom Campus, contact Le’Mix on Tel: (02) 9708 4959 or visit:, which has been created by professionals from different disciplines in the automotive refinish and industrial coatings sector, in different formats, making it accessible in one single place and adapting it to all levels.

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