NCR Elite Scratch and Dent

Reintroducing Elite Scratch and Dent – a ‘wheely’ exciting business

“We come to you”, is the slogan of Elite Scratch and Dent – a Melbourne-based automotive repair shop on wheels, proudly established by Andrew Charalambous.

From a young age, Charalambous was exposed to the automotive industry, as his father was a spray painter and panel beater and following in his footsteps was always “in his blood”. He spent the past 22 years working in the automotive industry, as both a spray painter and supervisor in several Melbourne prestige shops, although fuelled by his passion for the industry and desire to try something new, in 2019 he embarked on a new adventure: Elite Scratch and Dent was born.

“Elite Scratch and Dent is a mobile touch-up service offering solutions on a wide range of cosmetic and automotive repair needs, and as a proud team of one, my primary focus is on prestige vehicles. However, I’m not limiting the scope of work,” said Charalambous.

Relying on his accumulated experience he has modified his van to include a full tinting system, compressor, work bench alongside several of other features that ensure that he is ready to tackle any job. “If you happen to spot a white, black, and green van being driven by someone with an exuberant passion for their work – chances are it is me.”

While the business relationship with Elite Scratch and Dent and BASF is only recent, Charalambous has been a part of the BASF landscape for most of his professional career. As spray painter he spent much of his time working with the Glasurit portfolio, saying: “The skills I’ve learnt at BASF-led training sessions that focused on how to use waterborne paints effectively, still serves me well to this day”.

Today, Elite Scratch and Dent uses baslac 45 Line, the cost-effective waterborne refinish solution in the BASF product portfolio. Charalambous highlights the primary reasons for choosing baslac 45 Line over that of other paint systems: “It is cost effective, allows for a straight-forward application, the timeliness of the product is excellent – all whilst importantly providing a high-quality finish.”

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