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PPG to launch PPG LINQ end-to-end digital solution globally

PPG has announced that it will begin a phased launch of PPG LINQ – its revolutionary, new end-to-end digital solution for its global automotive refinish customers. The industry leading connectivity platform is exclusively designed to improve customer experience, partner relationships and internal body shop operations.

PPG used its broad, cross-industry expertise as a global leader in automotive coatings and digital color matching technologies to develop the industry leading connectivity platform, that is designed to improve all aspects of the customer experience, partner relationships and internal body shop operations.

The first set of PPG LINQ technologies and services become available in early 2022 as part of a multi-year rollout. The PPG MOONWALK system, which is the company’s award-winning, automated paint mixing system for refinish body shops, marked the first of many customer centric innovations that fall within PPG’s digital ecosystem powered by PPG LINQ. This industry-leading system is most notably recognised for its extreme colourimetric precision, significant economic benefits and increased labor productivity.

“At PPG, we see and recognise how digital solutions are transforming customer experiences and business operations all around us,” said Chancey Hagerty, PPG vice president, global automotive refinish. “Customers demand easy, seamless digital interactions, and advances in connectivity, automation and artificial intelligence have transformed how businesses drive their operations.”

Refinish body shop customers will be able to streamline their entire repair process using the cloud-based PPG LINQ platform and its interconnected digital hardware, software and innovative services, leading to results that are more consistent and cost-effective. The PPG LINQ platform will also provide customers with the opportunity to improve the sustainability of their day-to-day operations and minimise their environmental impact with features that optimise product consumption and waste reduction. In addition, the platform includes end-to-end digital tools designed to increase throughput and improve profitability by minimising human error and increasing efficiency during the entire repair process.

PPG created the PPG LINQ platform specifically to go beyond the body shop environment to directly connect repair facilities with key industry stakeholders like distributors, manufacturers, insurance companies and end users. The platform’s streamlined body shop processes and communication tools will enable improved partner relationships with distributors, increased customer intimacy, and enhance visibility with aftermarket partners to help inform decision-making and expand business opportunities.

“Since we place our customers at the heart of everything we do, it is incredibly important to us that we enable them to be a part of our digital journey,” said Denise Lu, PPG global marketing director, global automotive refinish. “We are heavily invested in providing sustainable and technologically advanced solutions to create the body shops of tomorrow, which is a tremendous testimony to PPG’s dedication and commitment to serving our customers on a global scale.”

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