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PPG scores three prestigious R&D 100 Awards

Since 1963, the R&D 100 Awards program has identified revolutionary technologies newly introduced to the market and celebrated the top technology products of the year.

During that time, PPG has earned 32 R&D 100 Awards and, for 2021, it was back in the limelight. Indeed, three of the company’s innovative coatings technologies have been singled out for 2021 R&D 100 Awards: BFP-SE Battery Fire Protection, Envirocron Extreme Protection thermally conductive powder coatings, and Hi-Temp 1027 HD coating.

“We are proud to be honoured with this esteemed recognition,” said David Bem, PPG Vice President, Science and Technology, and Chief Technology Officer. “At PPG, our global science and technology team works tirelessly to provide value-added solutions to our customers. Leveraging our expertise across industries, combined with our constant pursuit to help our customers, enables our organisation to be an industry leader in innovation.”

BFP-SE Battery Fire Protection is an innovative coating that protects batteries in electric vehicles from fire and helps mitigate thermal runaway events, thus improving passenger safety. These PPG solutions can be mass produced, efficiently applied and include battery fire protection suitable for various vehicle battery applications.

Envirocron Extreme Protection thermally conductive powder coatings combine dielectric protection and thermal conductivity in a single multifunctional coating for electric vehicle battery packs. PPG’s proprietary platform enhances cooling efficiency and provides exceptional electrical insulation, mitigating arcing and shorting events to improve battery performance and passenger safety.

Hi-Temp 1027 HD is the next-generation ambient-cure, high-temperature corrosion under insulation (CUI) coating and is ideal for new construction projects. It has excellent hardness and corrosion resistance, even during severe cyclic temperatures, from -196°C to 540°C. The coating’s resistance to the wear and corrosion that can occur on pipes, vessels and construction parts helps prevent damage and the resulting need for touch-up work, thus saving time and money.

When it comes to sustainable mobility, PPG-developed products are helping create tomorrow’s energy storage solutions.

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