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PPG joins ATA Conference

Along with a packed schedule of fascinating seminars, the recent Australian Trucking Association (ATA) Conference gave visitors the chance to learn a little more about PPG.

Via the OEM, refinish and re-livery sectors, PPG has a close connection to the heavy vehicle industry, both locally and on a global scale, so the ATA conference was the perfect place to put its industry-leading technology on show. Held in Perth, the annual event attracted around 500 people from the nation’s trucking operators and industry stakeholders. Over three days, attendees took in thought-provoking forums covering key topics such as technology, safety, labour, fleet management and road rules and regulations, as well as a PPG workshop run by Fabian Gaida, PPG Market Development Manager.

“When you think about it, paint plays a key part in the commercial transport (CT) sector. Not only does it have to protect the vehicle, it also has to keep the livery looking fantastic, so it acts like a mobile billboard for the operator. I guess it shows that many people recognise this because we were kept very busy throughout the conference,” said Gaida.

“Many people were well aware of PPG and dropped by to discuss things like how to best maintain the paint finish or a special application they had, and we were able to offer them solutions from our product portfolio. For those less aware of PPG, we pointed out all the high-level supplier partnerships PPG has with major heavy vehicle OEMs around the world.”

Locally, this includes truck OEMs, as well as bus, coach and trailer manufacturers. Given there was a good chance their vehicles were factory finished in PPG paint, the PPG FleetPool network across the region was a key feature, highlighting what it offers in terms of a high quality of fleet repairs and re-livery.

Gaida also discussed the importance of the different paint layers and the challenges Australia’s high UV exposure places on paint. “In this environment, you need coatings with a proven track record for durability, and that is PPG!” he said.

The DELFLEET Evolution paint system used on OEM production lines is the same product available to the CT refinish sector, which offers major benefits in term of matching the original “factory” colour, quality and durability. Contact your PPG Territory Manager or PPG’s Customer Service Hotline 13 24 24 (Aust) or 0800 320 320 (NZ).

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