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Published on November 8th 2018 in

PPG forecasts growth in green automobiles in 2018 and beyond

PPG announced its automotive colour trends data, noting a rise in popularity for green automobiles globally.

“While consumers are often choosing conservative colours for automobiles, such as white or black, green has historically been an incredibly popular colour choice, particularly in the ’90s,” said Jane Harrington, PPG global manager, colour styling, automotive OEM coatings. “Beginning in 1999, consumer preferences shifted to more neutral options, shrinking green’s popularity each year. While green makes up a small percentage of the current overall colour preferences for 2018, future trends in the automotive industry are reflecting the popularity of green in other markets.”

While monochromatic colours such as white, grey, silver and black continue to dominate globally, approximately two percent of SUVs in North America today are green. The colour continued to have a strong presence at the 2018 North American International Auto Show, with featured applications on the Mercedes G-Class and iconic Ford Mustang Bullitt.

“We understand that today, car colours go beyond the body and can be represented in various areas – including the car’s interior, wheel coatings and more,” said Jennifer Solcz, PPG global segment manager for wheels and industrial coatings. “Wheel coatings are becoming a focal point of individualisation for car buyers, many of which are drawn toward metallics, such as bronze and rose gold, as well as vibrant multi-faceted colours and matte finishes.”

PPG’s unique position as a colour leader in multiple markets enables the company to observe and translate emerging global colour trends for customers’ applications, including consumer goods, automotive colour, as well as residential, commercial and industrial design. The colour forecast is brought to life through four colour stories under the “We are” theme. These colours represent trends for the automotive model years 2021 and beyond and are presented to automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in 2018-2019.

Because PPG’s paint colours are sold in more than 70 countries, developing colour trends is a global, cross-cultural effort. Collaboration between PPG’s more than 20 colour experts generates a fact-based approach to colour trends and consumer preferences, resulting in a unified voice on colour direction. The company’s colour stylists around the world specialise in industries that include consumer electronics, architectural, automotive and aerospace. PPG experts study consumer mindsets, building material trends, wellness preferences and more to select a curated colour forecast that resonates and is reflective of current consumer attitudes and spans cultures, regions and markets.

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