NCR PPG 135 years
Published on February 16th 2018 in

PPG – 135 years of protecting and beautifying the world!

It was John Pitcairn and Captain John B. Ford who formed the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, way back in 1883, with the aim of producing America’s first marketable plate glass. Not only did they succeed, the company now known as PPG, has since been on a growth and transformational journey which has seen it expand its footprint across the globe. Today, PPG is one of the world’s largest global paints, coatings and specialty materials suppliers. Indeed, the influence is so widespread, you are almost certainly surrounded by PPG products and coatings as part of day-to-day life without even knowing it.

PPG’s vast and diverse range includes protective and decorative paints, aircraft cockpit and cabin windows, sealants, adhesives, metal pre-treatment products and specialty products.

Customers choose PPG for an extraordinary range of applications, from cars, trucks and motorcycles to aircraft, ships, homes, commercial structures and everyday items, such as sports shoes, whitegoods, tennis rackets and beverage containers.

While operating on a global scale in over 70 countries, PPG also chooses to manufacture locally – there are more than 150 manufacturing sites worldwide, including in both Australia and New Zealand. As it takes a moment to reflect on 135 years of history, the global PPG team of approximately 46,000 employees continues to focus on providing customers with superior products and service.

This commitment to excellence is aimed at ensuring that PPG is well positioned for the next 135 years and beyond!


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