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Playing the long game with Car-O-Liner

Car-O-Liner’s reputation around the automotive repair industry for reliable and efficient work benches is well-known.

Their selling point has long been that they are an investment in efficiency with the ease of use and speed of mounting vehicles adding to the overall efficiency of a workshop. This potential for faster completed jobs and higher turnover can also lead to increased profitability for a repair business. 

Car-O-Liner extends these qualities to its larger dimension benches offering workshops even more flexibility and the ability to handle longer vehicles including the light commercial and the increasingly popular large SUVs or ‘super-utes’ that are coming out of the US.

The BenchRack system combines drive-on convenience with a hydraulic lift and removable ramps.

Add to this the tilt feature, which makes loading easier when approach space is limited, and you have the most versatile repair bench on the market and will be able to repair each collision damaged vehicle that enters your shop, from slight cosmetic work to full-frame repairs.

With three lengths to choose from the BenchRack systems are designed for any type of unibody or full frame vehicle, from small cars to light trucks, vans and SUVs.

For the ultimate in accommodating these larger vehicles it is hard to surpass the BenchRack 6.3 Master System that offers a 6.3 metre length version easily accommodating today’s longer vehicles, SUVs, vans and light trucks.

Extra wide drive-on ramps, and clamping accessories for most vehicles on the road today, are included for safe, secure vehicle mounting.

The BenchRack system is available in both Car-O-Liner blue and grey versions to meet your workshop specifications.

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