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Published on September 4th 2019 in

Penrite leads the charge to get the nation’s flags flying high over Mount Panorama

Australia’s Penrite Oil Company, 100 percent Australian Owned and manufactured since 1926, is leading a campaign to have Australian flags erected at the top of Mount Panorama, home of the world-famous Bathurst 1000, Bathurst 12 Hour and 6 Hour endurance racing events.

Given the unique history of this incredible motor racing circuit and public road tourist attraction, the team of proud Australians at Penrite are hoping to generate strong public interest in having Australian flags ever present at this globally iconic location.

Penrite has made several approaches to the Bathurst Regional Council seeking to assist in the construction of a flagpole above the synonymous “Mount Panorama” side of mountain signage. These approaches have been refused for reasons relating to resources, construction and maintenance.

National flags are proudly flown at major international motor racing events including NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula One and Moto GP all over the world. Given the spirit of co-operation that can be found in motorsport through the team owners, their related businesses, sponsors and the sport’s engineering and fabrication contacts, along with motorsports club members and the assistance of volunteers to support the Bathurst Regional Council, it is Penrite Australia’s belief that these obstacles can be overcome.

Toby Dymond, Managing Director of the Penrite Oil Company which has been Australian family owned and operated for over 90 years, strongly believes that symbolism of our national pride would be a great addition to the home of several of the world’s greatest endurance-based motor races. “I am sure that I am not alone in wanting our national flag or the traditional custodian’s flag to fly proudly at the top of Mount Panorama, not just during the world-famous motor racing events, but all year round.”

“When I visit sporting events around the world, national flags are always a part of each event, promoting national pride. It makes the whole country feel proud of these major international events and I cannot understand why we don’t have our national flags flying proudly at this iconic venue,” said Dymond.

The Bathurst 1000, Bathurst 12 Hour and the Bathurst 6 Hour events are renowned worldwide. Drivers and teams from all over the world rate the Mount Panorama circuit up there with the handful of the world’s greatest motor racing venues and events. Dymond believes it is about time that Australians displayed how proud we are of this incredible racing circuit and the famed events that it stages, along with the champions that it has created.

In addition to the Australian national flag, in respect of the area’s traditional custodians, the flagpole at the top Mount Panorama should also include a symbol of significance, whether that takes the form of a second flag or another fitting acknowledgment.

The team at Australia’s Penrite Oil Company hopes that the media, local and federal members of Parliament and motorsports fans nationwide can lend their support to this campaign, by adding their powerful voices to help send a clear message that our country’s most famous motor racing circuit needs an Australian flag or flags proudly flying over it.

“I truly believe that this is something that we can make happen with the support of the motor racing fraternity of teams, drivers and fans along with the wider community. We need to project the message that Mount Panorama is an important part of Australia’s incredible sporting history and what better way to symbolise that than this,” added Dymond.

“Where there is a will, there is a way to overcome any objection and it just requires some entrepreneurship, innovation and passion for our country to get it done. We can do it,” he concluded.

Supporters of the campaign should add their name to Penrite’s petition at and by contacting the Bathurst Regional Council at

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