Published on April 6th 2020 in

Opus IVS partners with Autocom to deliver live diagnostic support

Following its January 2020 acquisition of AutoEnginuity, industry-leading intelligent vehicle support company Opus IVS is accelerating support for European vehicles through its world class IVS 360 remote diagnostic service.

A strategic partnership between Opus IVS and diagnostics leader Autocom will see the bundling of Autocom’s advanced CDP+ diagnostic software application with Opus IVS’ DrivePRO across 64 vehicle brands.

DrivePRO helps independent workshops repair complex vehicles safely and fast, with OE-licensed diagnostic software, remote programming and calibration, supported by live repair guidance from OE brand-specific master technicians.

Established in 2018, Opus IVS has grown through uniting expertise and technology from Drew Technologies, Autologic, BlueLink and AutoEnginuity to develop innovative solutions for more than 50,000 workshops around the world. With sites across the US, the UK and in Melbourne, Australia, Opus IVS is part of the world-leading vehicle inspection company, Opus Group.

The partnership between Opus IVS and Autocom will enable independent automotive technicians to access Opus IVS 360 diagnostic support for all brands covered by Autocom’s software application. Opus IVS master technicians will have access to the AutoCom diagnostic tool to review fault-related detail and provide repair assistance in real time.

Work is already underway at the Opus IVS diagnostics and product development team in Oxford, UK to bundle Autocom’s diagnostic software alongside DrivePRO. Customers across Europe, Australia and New Zealand can expect to be able to use it from (the northern) Spring 2020.

Senior Vice-President at Opus IVS, Kevin Finn commented: “I am delighted to announce this unique partnership, which will join the forces of two of Europe’s market-leading diagnostic software manufacturers. Independent workshops throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand working with Opus IVS can be confident of repairing any complex vehicle, whatever the brand, whatever the model.”

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