Published on March 21st 2020 in

Opus IVS establishes global diagnostics development team in Oxford

Industry-leading intelligent vehicle support company Opus IVS has named its site in Wheatley, Oxfordshire as a global hub for diagnostics and product development.

A team of more than 30 specialist engineers will design, develop and test new software to support the Drive platform, as well as carrying out world-class research and development for the company’s next generation of diagnostics products.

Opus IVS helps independent automotive workshops repair complex vehicles safely and fast. Established in 2018, the business has grown through uniting expertise and technology from Drew Technologies, Autologic, Farsight, Bluelink and AutoEnginuity to develop innovative solutions for more than 50,000 workshops around the world. With locations throughout the US, UK and Australia, Opus IVS is a part of the world-leading vehicle inspection and intelligent vehicle support company, Opus Group.

A key focus for the Oxford team will be the further development of advanced manufacturer-specific functionality for European vehicles and the extension of its brand coverage through RAP (Remote Assisted Programming). This remote service allows Opus IVS’ OE brand-specific master technicians to connect directly to complex vehicles using OEM-licensed software applications and carry out functions such as flash programming and online coding.

Kevin Finn, Senior Vice-President Opus IVS said: “With our centre of excellence for product development here in Oxford, we are committed to continuing to strengthen our diagnostic solutions, while optimising them for the UK and European markets. The launch of this global diagnostic development centre continues to underpin our customer’s need for support in repairing complex vehicles.”

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