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Published on June 17th 2022 in

On reflection, Lyft chooses PPG Envirocron LUM

New Lyft E-bikes take advantage of the world’s first commercial retroreflective powder coating – PPG’s Envirocron LUM.

When it comes to cycling, one of the keys to staying safe is being seen, especially at night. Increased cyclist visibility is the catalyst behind American transport service support provider, Lyft, selecting PPG Envirocron LUM technology to use on a fleet of e-bikes under the company’s DIVVY bike-share program. Designed to reflect maximum light back to its source, PPG Envirocron LUM coating is a proprietary and patent-pending breakthrough technology. While liquid-based retroreflective coatings are commonly used to increase the visibility of road markings and street signs, PPG Envirocron LUM coating is the first-ever retroreflective powder coating.

Its origins are rooted in nature, and it’s actually inspired by the reflective properties of a deer’s eyes. Using a formulation with embedded glass beads, the single-layer coating refracts light and retroreflects it directly back to a vehicle’s driver to enhance visibility. PPG Envirocron LUM also delivers a non-solvent solution that features high transfer efficiency. Not only that, but it also provides exceptional scratch and mar resistance that allow the e-bikes to withstand a high volume of riders, as well as meeting Lyft’s goal for a durable and sustainable solution.

“PPG has been at the forefront of retroreflective powder coating technology for several years as part of our commitment to innovation and sustainability,” said Paul Bradley, PPG Technical Manager, Industrial Coatings. “We are proud to partner with Lyft in its efforts to produce high-visibility e-bikes as part of our shared commitment to enhance on-road safety.”

Powder coatings, such as PPG Envirocron LUM coating, are part of the company’s commitment to innovative sustainable solutions. PPG is striving to achieve 40% of sales from products and processes that have improved sustainability by 2025.

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