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Next generation filler meets carbon fibre needs

Carbon fibre has come a long way since its early days as a futuristic material. Now renowned for its strength and lightness, it has become a staple in the automotive industry.

As such, it is important for workshops to have access to reliable and high-quality repair options in order to meet the growing demand for carbon fibre repairs.

U-pol SMC Carbon Fibre Reinforced Filler is a versatile and durable product for repairing carbon fibre and other materials.

If you are looking for a body filler that can withstand extreme conditions and handle various applications, check out U-pol’s SMC Carbon Fibre Reinforced Filler. This product was originally developed for Mercedes and BMW to repair their carbon fibre vehicles, but it can also be used for repairs to a wide range of substrates metal, fibreglass, and other composites.

Carbon fibre is a lightweight and strong material that is increasingly used in the automotive industry, as well as in sports and marine equipment. However, repairing carbon fibre parts can be tricky, as they require a special filler that matches their properties. Using a standard fibreglass filler can result in delamination and failure.

U-pol’s SMC Carbon Fibre Reinforced Filler is a unique product that consists of resin reinforced with short carbon fibre strands. It is specially formulated to bond with carbon fibre parts, such as panels, door mirrors, and mouldings. It can also be used for non-automotive repairs, such as surfboards, boats, kayaks, and other sporting equipment.

U-pol’s SMC filler is easy to apply and work with. It cures to form a tough and rigid repair that can be drilled, tapped, sawn, or sanded without cracking or splintering. It has high adhesion and structural strength, making it ideal for large holes and moulded corners that are prone to future impacts. It also provides a smooth and even surface for priming and painting.

U-pol’s SMC filler is available in both black and white from leading automotive refinish product distributors.

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